The Branch of Life Church is a Spirit-Filled, Contemporary, Non-Denominational Ministry with a family-like atmosphere. Our mission is to make disciple-makers who make disciple-makers. Everyone is invited to become part of our work for the Lord. If you would like to become part of our ministry as a Covenant Partner, contact the church office for a free information packet.




We have several newborns in our church family that are preparing to be dedicated to the Lord! If you have a child and would like to be part of a Dedication Sunday, contact the church office for a Dedication Packet and Application!





We are planning a Water Baptism during this first part of the New Year. If you would like to follow the Lord in Water Baptism, please request a form from the church office. We would love for you to join us as we show the world your commitment as a Christ-follower!



We are looking for men who are looking to find their masculine heart and find an adventure to live, a battle to fight and a beauty to win! If you have been wounded by your father or other source and would like to find real purpose and meaning living as a man, we invite you to this amazing group that is change men of all ages and walks of life. We meet every Monday evening at 7:00 PM. All materials are free of charge. The only thing we ask is that you commit to 8 consecutive Monday evenings. For more information, call Pastor Tony at 239-464-4803. We look forward to having you with us.                                                      


Our Senior Pastor Tony Cubello was recently honored to be interviewed by Pastor Resources Magazine and share his story about the death of his son Tony and the impact that it had on his ministry and the church. Click the following link and hear how God turned tragedy and sorrow into blessing by the power of the church.





Men of all ages are invited to join us each Friday morning from 8:00-9:00 AM., as we gather together for fellowship, coffee and prayer. Come and share with us as we pray for and support one another and as we pray for our church and ministry. For more information, please contact the church office.



We gather each Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM. to dig deep into God's Word to find purpose and meaning for our lives. We have a very laid-back Bible Study that is comfortable for everyone no matter where you are in your faith. Be with us for another exciting Bible Study Series!



We are happy to have additional copies of Pastor Tony’s book, “RECOVERY God’s WAY: Unlocking the Spiritual Side to The Recovery Process.” They are available for an offering of $6.00 or more to the work of our ministry. Share the gift of God’s love and healing with someone struggling with addiction, letting them know that God loves them and cares about what they are going through. While supplies last! Call the church office to get your copy!



Please continue to save your used inkjet/laser cartridges for us. For more information, click here, or call the church office. Thank you for your support!



We have a free monthly devotional available just for the asking. Stop by or contact the church office to receive your copy to encourage your spirit and build your faith.


To receive a copy of our monthly newsletter, "The Disciple-Maker," please send us your contact information and we will be happy to put you on our mailing list.



A young Pastor preached about Christ healing a man with the withered hand (Matthew 12:10). A few days later, the Pastor visited a man who had suffered a stroke that left him with a withered arm and hand. This man had heard the Pastor’s sermon and said the Pastor, “I know of no one who can touch and heal me, but I can tell you one thing. I have learned that Christ is the only one can help me deal with it. Others are nice to me, but Christ is the only one who can really help me.” Because of the depth of his faith, the man found healing for his spirit and could handle the weakness of his body.



Giving The Right Message…


Two Pastor’s stood by the side of a road holding up a sign that read: “The End is Near! Turn around before it’s too late!” Along came a young man who apparently had no time for religion. He slowed his car down and yelled at the Pastor’s, “Leave us alone, you religious nuts!” Then, with tires screeching, he sped off. He had hardly left the scene when the Pastor’s heard a terrible noise that ended with a loud splash. One Pastor turned to the other and said, “Do you think we should change our sign to read simply, “BRIDGE OUT!?”

Are you sending the right message? Are people confused when they hear your words then see your life?

Our words and actions tell the truth of what we believe. If that statement is true—and I believe it is—then is Christ honestly replicated in everything we say and do? We live in a physical world bursting with things that speak to the senses. It’s real if we can touch it, smell it, taste, feel and measure it. For the average person, if it’s not material, it doesn’t exist. But our faith requires us to believe in a God we “hope for,” one we “do not see.” To “live by faith, not by sight.”

When we really examine the truth, we don’t always live the sort of faith the Bible teaches. We understand what God’s Word says and we may even think we’re living according to it, but there are few of us who actually exercise and execute pure Biblical Christianity—a life of complete obedience to God.

Studies over the past decade by The Barna Research Group and others show that younger generations are looking for believers who are authentic and genuine. They want to see Christians live what they believe, and they have little time or respect for those who don’t. Our lives should be a complete reflection of Christ. We should be people whose words and action match up with our faith.

How can we do this? First, we need to get into God’s Word. It is our instruction book for life. And it tells us just how we should be living. Secondly, we need to pray and listen to God. We need to make time for Him, because He is our source and our strength. Thirdly, we need to remember God’s faithfulness, because that is what strengthens us. Lastly, we need to surrender our lives to His will. This is faith-building at its best. It’s how we walk by faith and live free. I believe these intentional steps can help your faith become one that will solidify your belief in God, and declare it to others. It will make your words match your life. It will make your inside match your outside. Matthew 15:7-8 says, “You hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy of you, when he said: This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.”

Let God give you a heart that wants to follow and obey him as He pours out his Holy Spirit into your life and motivates you into being the person He’s called you to be!


                                                                     -Pastor Tony Cubello



I AM A WITNESS (1 Peter 8-12) 

I am a witness to the same love, intimacy and fellowship with Jesus that Peter witnessed first-hand. No one had more authority to say this than Peter. Peter knew Jesus before and after Pentecost. The “before” Peter knew Jesus only through his soul. His soul vacillated as it could not grasp the spiritual reality of who Jesus really was. One moment he is swinging a sword in defense of Jesus then a little later on he is lying to a servant girl saying he wasn’t a disciple. The “after” Peter was instantly transformed by the Spirit into a fearless preacher who saw thousands join the few that Jesus had left to be his witnesses. Peter testified to what he saw in others, “Though you have not seen him, you love him.” What Peter experienced and all true disciple-makers have experienced is the transformation by the Holy Spirit, of a soul that only knows about Jesus to a reborn spirit that is united in intimacy with Jesus. This is the experience that Peter and all who love Jesus are called to; to “be my witnesses.”

I am a witness with the same transformation and motivation as Peter. Peter knew this and so encouraged his readers by saying, “you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy.” I am a witness to this same transformation in all I have seen who have come to know Jesus as Peter and I have. We do not need to examine and confirm this; we know this joy is a “fruit of the Spirit.” (Galatians 5:22) We know that such love, joy and all the fruit the Spirit brings serve to motivate our witnessing. This fruit is also a testimony itself of the new life “in Christ” that we all have by the Spirit, as Jesus taught, “by their fruit you will recognize them.” (Matthew 7:20)

I am a witness of previous witnesses. Because I am “receiving the goal of your faith, the salvation of your souls.” I attest to the faithfulness of all who have “preached the gospel to you by the Holy Spirit.” I am a part of and so can attest to the unity of the true eternal Church of Christ. I join “the prophets, who spoke of the grace that was to come to you, they were not serving themselves but you.” I bear witness to their faith as do all living today who share the same faith. I attest to the unity found in these universal experiences of all who from Pentecost to today have experienced and share the same love, joy and grace, the same gospel and the same Holy Spirit.

Say it- I am a witness to the same Jesus and Spirit that all from Peter to the present have known.

Pray it- Holy Spirit you have born witness to me of the love of Jesus and by your witness I share the same witness with others. The fruit of your Presence will bear witness to your reality and power to transform lives. You are the Attracter and the attraction; it is you who draws us in and sends us out.

Obey it- I am a witness of and will testify to the changes in me and in others who have experienced Pentecost. 


                                                                                    Pastor Jerry Sprague