The Branch of Life Church is a Spirit-Filled, Contemporary, Non-Denominational Ministry with a family-like atmosphere. Our mission is to make disciple-makers who make disciple-makers. Everyone is invited to become part of our work for the Lord. If you would like to become part of our ministry as a Covenant Partner, contact the church office for a free information packet.



Our Senior Pastor Tony Cubello was recently honored to be interviewed by Pastor Resources Magazine and share his story about the death of his son Tony and the impact that it had on his ministry and the church. Click the following link and hear how God turned tragedy and sorrow into blessing by the power of the church.





We gather each Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM. to dig deep into God's Word to find purpose and meaning for our lives. We have a very laid-back Bible Study that is comfortable for everyone no matter where you are in your faith. Be with us for another exciting Bible Study Series! We are currently sharing study called "THE FINAL GENERATION"  as we look at New Testament and End Time Prophecy."



We are happy to have additional copies of Pastor Tony’s book, “RECOVERY God’s WAY: Unlocking the Spiritual Side to The Recovery Process.” They are available for an offering of $6.00 or more to the work of our ministry. Share the gift of God’s love and healing with someone struggling with addiction, letting them know that God loves them and cares about what they are going through. While supplies last! Call the church office to get your copy!



Please continue to save your used inkjet/laser cartridges for us. For more information, click here, or call the church office. Thank you for your support!



We have a free monthly devotional available just for the asking. Stop by or contact the church office to receive your copy to encourage your spirit and build your faith.


Beginning in August, we will be sending our monthly newsletter via email. If you would like to continue to receive it and have not provided your email address, please send it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will put you on our email list!



This month's Night of Worship will be on November 30th, 2018 from 7-9 PM. Please join us for another night of amazing music and prayer as we make our connection to God and experience the mighty presence of the Holy Spirit. Everyone is invited! For more information, please call the church office at 239-464-4803. Hope to see you there!



Our church library is now open and is filled with a lifetime of spiritual reading. Please come and visit us and check out a book or grab a cup of coffee, relax and grow spiritually. Library is open every morning, Sundays during worship and on Wednesday’s during Bible Study.



The tests of life are to make, not break us. Trouble may demolish a man’s business but build up his character. The blow at the outward man may be the greatest blessing to the inner man. If God, then, puts or permits anything hard in our lives, be sure the real peril, the real trouble, is that we shall loose if we flinch or rebel.

                                                                                                                                                                            -Maltbie D. Babcock





When I enter the beautiful city and the saints all around me appear, I hope that someone will tell me, “It was you who invited me here.”

                                                                                                     -Corrie Ten Boom 



Living a Life of Gratitude

It’s that time again! Thanksgiving is almost here and Christmas is right around the corner. The madness of the holiday season is upon us once again. And there’s nothing worse than a bad attitude that can kill the true spirit of the season. Although this has been a challenging year is so many different ways, we have many practical ways to be grateful for God’s protection and blessings to each of us.    

The holidays are a time of reflecting the gratitude we have in our hearts for God, allowing His grace to get us through another year and to carry us on to the year ahead. A spirit of humble gratitude will make the holidays something to look forward to rather than a dreadful marathon that needs to be run to the finish.

There is no doubt that we live in a world filled with evil.  Mass shootings, worldwide Christian persecution, and government corruption. It seems that we are powerless to stop it and that the world is simply out of control. And we can be led by frustration and helplessness. But we need to remember that God is still on the throne. He is still in charge of world affairs and He still has a perfect plan for you and me. Our church has seen more miracles, healings and answered prayer this year than ever before … even in the midst of such chaos and evil.

During this holiday season, let's promise not to let ingratitude become our story or cynicism our road block. We need to consistently remind ourselves of God's provision for us and in the lives of our loved ones. When we do, the holidays will become a special time of spiritual joy, personal renewal, and real gratitude. It can be a real challenge to give God daily praise and look for His hand, even when we possess the knowledge of His love and faithfulness. If you find yourself struggling to be grateful this holiday season, the Psalms are a great source to get you back on track. Psalm 100:4-5 says “Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name! For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.”

Let the wonder of the season wash over you again. God loves you and me with every measure of His heart, to the extent that He gave us the very best gift: life, wrapped up in the form of His Son. It's this life—the abundant life—that Jesus promised. This is the true spirit of the season. Let’s be humbly grateful.

If I began to count the all of the things that I owe to God, the list would never end. And every moment of life is another gift. Gratitude keeps our hearts humble, it helps us to see everything as a gift from God and helps us to focus our lives on others – versus always thinking of ourselves. Always keep a heart of gratitude – never let it fade away. It changes everything!


                                                                                                   -Pastor Tony Cubello




"... With GOD, all things are POSSIBLE."    


When you seek God's presence and request

Him to intervene in your situation, you can

see miracles happen! God has power over

all creation and has the ability to work a

miracle for you.